The Special Population that we work with can be divided into three groups –

  1. Physical Disability: Depending on the person’s disability, we can individually tailor an exercise programme to that person’s specific needs. When we first meet our client, we will assess their current range of movement and ability, and we work with them to maintain, and hopefully improve, muscle and joint function.
  1. Intellectual Disability: This is a vast and diverse group of people. We work with individuals and groups, encouraging them with co-ordination and communication through various physical activities.  We strive to understand and work with their interpretation of movements and give more visual rather than verbal instructions.  There are numerous benefits for the individual, including their emotional and social well-being.
  1. Illness Related Conditions: This is working with individuals who are looking for rehabilitation after an illness such as stroke or heart conditions, or after an accident. We would always work within the guidelines provided by their physician or physical therapist.  This is essentially personal training tailored to very specific needs.

We are affiliated to The Sligo Sports Parntership (

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