Bring your Baby Spin/Tone

Spinning is a high-energy, aerobic workout done on a stationary bike.  The beauty with this low-impact workout is that is doesn’t stress your joints.  This is a fun, high calorie burn activity with great toning benefits and you are in charge of how hard you work.

This class is split between working on a stationary spinning bike and toning exercises.  These exercises include squats, abdominal/core work, lunges and using equipment like the resistance bands and TRX suspension trainer.  All these exercises use your own bodyweight and most of them can be done at home without special equipment.

For those busy new mums, we are delighted to offer this class so you can bring your baby and have them beside you throughout the class.  Come along, get your workout in and no need to worry about the hassle of getting a babysitter!

Check out when our next Bring your Baby Spin/Tone class is here.

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