Our Instructors

Our Instructors:

Miriam Cunningham

My interest in fitness began when I decided to give up smoking.  I believed that if I worked on my fitness, I was less likely to return to smoking.  This led me to my first attempt at running, and initially I was unable to run 100 metres without stopping.  An onlooker, watching my unsuccessful attempts, gave me some great advice – he explained that my approach should be to run and when I got tired, to stop and walk.  Gradually, he told me to increase the running and decrease the walking.  After 6 weeks with this method, I managed to run 1 mile without stopping. That achievement felt like winning a marathon for me.   As my confidence grew and I became fitter, I went on to run 5 and 10 k races and have now completed 4 marathons to date.  The beginning of my own journey to fitness has given me so much insight into the importance of starting slowly and building up fitness over time.  With the right training, much more can be achieved than is often thought possible.

As I ran more and got fitter, I attended several aerobic and spinning classes.  My instructors were incredibly motivating, and with their encouragement, I decided to study to become a fitness instructor.  I trained in both New York University and La Guardia College Queens New York.  My first instructor job was in YMCA Long Island,

Over the years, I have and continue to upskill myself with regards to the latest best practice in the world of fitness, including courses with ACE, AIFE, YMCA.  While working with certain clients who had restricted mobility, I realised that I wanted to increase my knowledge of the human body and injury prevention, so I completed a course in Neuromuscular therapy, Sport and Remedial massage.

When Aileen and I opened Fitness4all in Strandhill in 2011, we chose this name as we believe that getting fit should be available to everybody, despite age or previous experience.  Our aim at Fitness4All is to pass on our years of experience to our clients and help and encourage them in every way possible.


  • Level 1 &2 mat Pilates, Level 1 and 2
  •  FMS Functional Movement Screening,
  •  Coaching individuals with disabilities’
  • Advanced Orthopaedic massage,   James Waslaski
  • Trigger point Dry Needling 
  • Myoskeletal Therapists online course Eric Dalton
  • National School of Sports Massage
  • Taping and Strapping procedures 

Aileen Cooper

From early childhood, I have always enjoyed and benefitted from being active.  Throughout my school days, I was involved in many sports, including badminton, volleyball and athletics.  After marrying and having children, I continued playing sport at a much less competitive level and I still continue to run, just for the love of it.

In the past, I have been incredibly motivated by certain coaches and fitness instructors, and the self-confidence that one could gain from getting fit if you are taught and incentivised in the right way.

I qualified as a fitness instructor in 1996 and worked in the Hilton Dunkeld Perthshire.  During this time, I learned about so many exercise options and taught classes such as aqua aerobics, circuits and body pump. When I moved to Strandhill, I continued to teach classes part-time and extended my teaching skills to include spinning, kettlebells, Pilates and Rebounding.  This broad range of knowledge makes it easier to teach all levels of students and watch their progress as they achieve their own personal goals.

In 2011, I set up Fitness For All with Miriam.  This was, and still is my dream job, and I am so privileged to get to do it full-time.  The benefits I derive from exercise are more than just increased fitness and strength, but that it enhances my mood and well-being.  My goal every day is to pass on my passion for fitness to our clients, taking their complete wellbeing into consideration.  The thrill for me is to see a client glowing with achievement directly after a class, having achieved far more than they thought possible.   The ethos of Fitness4All is about fitness being fun, accessible and inclusive. Our classes are tailored to suit all levels of fitness, as wherever you are in your own fitness journey, the benefits of setting reasonable and achievable fitness goals, and then meeting them, is immeasurable.

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